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Welcome to the International KunTao Silat Association.

Our goal is to provide access and training to practical, effective and efficient martial arts training. KunTao Silat was once only available to a chosen few, now the knowledge of generations of warriors is available to you as well.

This web site is dedicated to sharing the value of this rare and wonderful art.

KunTao Silat offers a unique opportunity to train both your mind and body. There are many activities that can make you stronger, more flexible, improve your cardiovascular system all things you can achieve through KTS training. KunTao Silat as an exercise integrates both the mind and body into the training. Yes, you become stronger, more flexible, healthier but you also learn to integrate your mind/body connection leading to a stronger mind and healthier body.

KunTao Silat is much more than just exercise it gives you the knowledge and ability to truly understand self defense. The confidence that comes from knowing that you can protect yourself improves your entire life your work, your relationships with others.

Everyone has their own reason for training for health, for self defense, for fun. KunTao Silat training is unique in that it can offer all of those things. No matter your age or interest, KunTao Silat supplies a unique training experience that will transform your outlook.

Martial Art, Silat, Kuntao, KunTao Silat AssociationWhat is KunTao Silat?

KunTao Silat is a term first coined in America by the first generation of students from the practitioners of Dutch-Indonesian descent. The term honors both the Chinese and Indonesian teachers that influenced this art. There are a plethora of styles either KunTao or Silat that come from the spice islands. Many of these systems are mixed systems, yet due to cultural prejudice are often referred to as KunTao (Chinese) or Silat (Indonesian).

KunTao Silat is the product of Dutch-Indonesian teachers, who because of their unique position in society were able to cross over and learn from both the Chinese and Indonesian teachers. The American KunTao Silat Association teaches a martial art that has its origins in West Javanese martial arts.

American KunTao Silat

has seven levels of progress to GuruMuda.

Level One: LegWork & HandWork - First we train the stances, so they can be incorporated into the daily life and movements of the student.  Basic HandWork is then added to the stances and incorporated into movement drills.  The First Five Djurus are learned at this level.  DVDs are available as training aids.  Weapons   Traditionally, the blade and the stick are the weapons of choice. 

Level Two: Djurus Satu - First Form   Having practiced the stances and hand movements from Level One, the student now begins to study traditional choreographed form which carries the combat knowledge from the Indonesian lineage and provides a means of personal practice any where and any time.  Djurus Satu is very direct, explosive and offensive.  The best defense being a strong offense, Djurus Satu teaches effective self defense understanding and training.   A DVD is available for this level.

Level Three: Lanka Dua - The Flower   Non-confrontation is always the most effective way to deal with aggression.  It takes longer to develop and even longer to refine, so the student receives the initial training early in their KunTao Silat development.   A DVD is available.

Level Four: Lanka Monjet - The Monkey   With hands and legs now integrated, the student now develops leg strength and mobility of uncommon proportions.  The Monkey provides enlightenment in movement unlike any other animal.  A DVD is available.

Level Five: Pai Yun - The Tiger   With the leg strength now developed, the Tiger provides hitting, grappling, tearing, ripping and smashing techniques and training methods and another style of applying the legwork.  DVD available.

Level Six: Ling Sing Toy - Preying Mantis  Precision hitting and furious speed are now added to the student's arsenal of martial skills.  Timing, precision and control are honed in this level, in preparation for Level Seven.  WuKung DVD available .

  • At this point, the student has reached Practitioner Level and can continue practice for a life time without ever needing further instruction, although seminars and workshops will always be available. When the Student becomes a Practitioner a world of options opens.  The parent arts of KunTao Silat and over a hundred classical forms are available for deeper study and the Practitioner is urged to experiment in the areas of their interest and ability.

Level Seven: GuruMuda {Young Teacher}

This training prepares a Practitioner to teach.  We find many who currently teach come to us with the desire to teach the Family System from the beginning of their training.  In such a case, the elements of teaching are built into that Student's training from the start.  The group of aspiring gurus seen in the GuruClass Series are experienced martial artists, learning to teach KunTao Silat from the beginning, to Practitioner level.

Long Distance Learning Program:

There are only 12 Sigung Instructors of the Willem de Thouars Branch of the Family Arts in the world.  Most practitioners will not have personal access to the top level teachers of KunTao Silat.  However, there are many PracticeLeaders around the world who are working toward Guru Certification and conduct training sessions in their neighborhood.  You are all welcome to join the fun.  It costs two hundred bucks to join and 6 DVDs are included to provide the practice material required for advancement.  Proceed at your own pace.

Whenever you feel ready for the next level, you simply video your performance of the current level and mail it to me for critique along with a hundred bucks.  When I'm satisfied with your videoed performance of the level's material, even if it takes several exchanges, you will receive certification.  Once a year, the Distance Student should either host or attend one or more of the Family Gatherings and Workshops.

The Distance Trainee also receives the following benefits:

  • DVDs of Grampa Bill's Guru Training Classes ~ available only to distance learning students. 
  • 30% discount on all DVDs and Videos
  • Training focused Discussion Group

There are no time requirements to limit your progress.  You can test for the next level any time you feel confident with your understanding of your current level.

Long-Distance Student Membership

Long distance training is available to interested students. Entering the long distance training program requires making a very special commitment to training. There is a saying in the martial arts world: Many are called, few are chosen. Throughout history, the only way to learn was from your village guru, family or friends who had a contact with a legitimate guru (teacher).

Today the world has changed. With modern transportation, the internet and video, it is now possible to gain training even if you are not located near an authorized school. To take part in this opportunity, all you have to do is pay $200 registration fee, which also provides you with the exclusive Five DVD Training Set, which includes all the requirements up to Practitioner Level. 

Thereafter, DistanceLearning Students have access to all available DVDs at a 30% discount as well as exclusive access to 12 GuruClasses with Grampa Bill for only $300.

From there you are on course. You will train hard, practice the material, and then tape yourself performing the material when you feel prepared to advance to the next level.

Your performance will be reviewed and you will receive corrections.  The $100 fee for each level of advancement covers corrections, refinements and official certification.

In addition to this, you will have access to KTSI coaches via members only chatrooms on the world wide web.

To achieve certification, you will want to attend a minimum amount of personal training and / or seminars. 

This program is systematic and designed to teach you American KunTao Silat, it will also instruct you on how to teach this art.

Sign Up Now:

Registration = $200 {click link to go to registration}

When you complete registration, you'll be entitled to a 30% on all the DVDs available.  You will also be given a password that allows access to the Distance Learning Site where on-line videos are available for those times you are travelling or don't have your DVD player available.

Registration fee includes an exclusive Six DVD Training Set

  • Introduction/FireSide Chat
  • Basic Training
  • Forms
  • Personal Practice
  • Partner Training
  • Training Tips from Sigung Steve

Everything you need to progress to Practitioner/GuruMuda level is included with registration. 

You may desire additional knowledge and information about KunTao Silat, which will be available to you at a 30% discount.  Happy Training!

Testing & Certification Fee = $100

Testing Fee include corrections and refinements based upon your video detailing your performance of the forms and applications and Official Certification.

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