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These are the CornerStones of the Malabar System

Djurus Satu - The Form of Total Destruction

Every male has the urge and predisposition to destroy, and thus, this begins your induction, by honing this urge.

The stiffness and fierceness you brought to Djurus Satu leaves, as you learn to evade, rather than collide.

Just the Basics!  Levels 1 and 2

In the first level, you’ll begin your journey with the Hand Work, Leg Work (Triangle Sets), and Kun Lun Pai (Inner Circle Greeting).

Langka Dua - The Form of Total Evasion

Pai Yun - The Tiger Descends the Mountain

In many systems, the tiger is rigid, however, entering into the Shaolin Kun Tao side of Malabar, the student will learn to be fierce, tenacious, and and an absolute danger to those who would dare trespass.

Langka Tiga - The Monkey Form

The Third installment in your foundation is to begin combining  what you’ve learned from the masculine and feminine sides of the art.

Tong Lung Tai - The Mantis Form

Elusive and accurate, the mantis is one path the student may take to Guru Muda to learn targeting, and bouncing and long energy, as well as some advanced knife work.

Ling Sing Toi - The Twin Dragon Form

There is much targeting, knife work, and pressure point striking in this form, and is the final phase in the path to Guru Muda in Malabar KunTao Silat.


In the second level, you’ll begin learning the Serak Djurus of Betawi Muda, as well as the Serak Battle Djurus.

Levels 3-6
Click on the levels to reveal the testing requirements for that level