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Summer Training & Get TogetherAmerican KunTao Silat

Weekly Training

Atlanta, Georgia

Dates: Saturdays

Place: Grant Park

Time: 10 AM

Details:  404-723-1804

Watch the American KunTao Silat Discussion Group for more information.

This summer the Summer Training in Atlanta, Georgia is at Grant Park.  As always, we try to hold our AKTS Gatherings outdoors where folks can bring their mates and children and enjoy the training, knowing that no one feels left behind or left out. 
Everyone is welcome, regardless of your age, experience or physical limitations.  American KunTao Silat has a place for all, and all can find benefit from the practice and training.  You will enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the American KunTao Silat Family and walk away with knowledge that will serve you for a life-time.
KunTao Silat Classes: Grant ParkAmerican KunTao Silat is one of those rare martial arts that utilize the same motions and movements in combat that is used in training, so this opportunity to practice the combat applications is priceless.

Summer Training Seminar with Guru Derric: July 30-31, 2011

There is a two day Summer Training Session planned in Atlanta the weekend of July 30th.  It will be located in Grant Park, which is in the Center of Atlanta.  This is an excellent spot. 

You can come in, do some training then hit just about any tourist spot in Atlanta in just a few minutes. 

All welcome, families etc.  The focus will be on -Training-, so this would be the perfect time for anyone who hasn't had the luxury of training with a teacher of the system to -feel- it up close and personal. 

It will be a lot of fun.   Any International folks that are interested in attending should book your ticket to Hartsfield Airport early enough to get the best rates.

There are lots of choices in local lodging.  The Castleberry would be the best bet.  There are no hotels around the area that are straight up -cheap- because this is smack dab in middle of Hotlanta.  A group rate there for a room with Two double beds would be 89 bucks, so around 45 per person.

The Summer Training in Atlanta, Georgia is hosted by Guru Derric Haskell  404-723-1804.

The on-going discussion about the details are on the American KunTao Silat Forum: http://americankuntaosilat.org/Chat/index.php?topic=176.0;topicseen  Please join in.
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  AKTS Discussion Forum: www.americankuntaosilat.org/Chat. 

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