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American KunTao Silat ~ Georgia, U.S.A.

School building starts in the Parks:

Like Sigung Steve always preferred, we are conducting classes outdoors in the parks until it is feasable to open a brick-and-mortar type school.  Historically, KunTao Silat is an outdoors style martial art, so we're not in much of a hurry.

  • Class  locations are:
  • Lake Lanier, Cummings, GA
    Central Park, Forsyth County GA
    North Park, Alpharetta GA
    Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta GA 
      The Marta (Atlanta's 'train'), runs north, east west and south from the center of Atlanta, I'd say a good 30+ miles.  Centennial Park is smack in the middle of Atlanta, and a Marta Stop, so everyone can easily find the class location and afford to come and learn.

A comment from the Yahoo Group:

Guru Derric is a guy who continually steps up to the plate. Once more he is putting his dedication and passion on the line. I can't say how impressed I am with the school he is building and how much I appreciate him as a brother in the arts and as a friend.

This is a real effort by a guy who is putting it on the line to help others to develop in the art. I'd like to encourage everyone to support him.

I'd like to say more, but Guru Derric said it all. We're going to have fun in this playground.  Maha Guru Steve left us on our own for a while, so we'd like everyone to come play and prepare for his joyful return.

-- Mas Judt

--- In AmericanKunTaoSilat@yahoogroups.com, "akts_ga" <akts_ga@...> wrote:
I would at this time like to announce -officially- that the American KunTao Silat Academy- will be opening next month. There are still alot of fine points to work out but the short is a school that teaches, focuses and trains the art's learned thru MG G. I'm working closely with G Joe to get it wrapped up. It will be here in Metro Atlanta (north) and we are all excited about it. The training curriculum that Maha Guru Gartin and so many others have worked so hard to put together in a fashion that enables a student to learn in the most productive way minus all the b.s. that seems to be attached to these dutch indo arts (respectively) has been compressed into a straight up no nonsense program that will produce some hella players. G Joe and
I are also creating a more direct and -by the numbers- long distance program utilizing and building farther upon what MHG S has already begun. These videos will only be an hour, but will be a complete breakdown of every thing you would need to know of what is being shown. These go hand in hand with what is already available only greater detail. The current training vids have so much info on them that what this will do, is enable you to learn the basics much faster as well as how to enter, and then refer back to the original training videos to expound upon. It's going to be very, very fun! Bottom line is those that are still training and have stuck around this far (and I know the numbers have dwindled) we are getting ready to have some
fun! With help from Guru Joe we are hoping to have in place a specific long distance program that would enable someone to get very, very good if they just follow the simple instructions. Guru Joe is having a seminar sometime in June and I'm hoping to have my grand opening in June also. The dates will not co-incide so I hope to see everybody make them both. I especially hope to see everybody who is, or says they are students, players or practitioners of AKTS come to the grand opening of the school that has been in the making since Maha Guru Gartin first had the idea, of American KunTao Silat.
I want to First thank Maha Guru Gartin for making this even possible by giving me the opportunity to be a part of all of this. Training this art and trying to understand it is not only physically challenging, but mentally exhausting. Maha Guru Gartin has always been free with his Knowledge, when I could figure out the right question to ask:). Also Guru Joe for his guidance in many areas and I'm sure more to come- Joe you have become a great and trusted friend as well as Martial Brother and I hope we take this where Maha Guru Gartin intended.

Those on here I have not met that are dedicated or -proclaimed- AKTS players I look forward to meeting you.
Guru Derric Haskell- Instructor of  American KunTao Silat Georgia.