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Congratulations if making it this far.  It is an
achievement to have endured the grueling
Training we KunTao’ers have done for Generations,
although incomplete, the final test of the student’s
skills to become considered as a Guru Muda, are at
hand. The student will have a choice between either
Ling Sing Toi or Tong Lung Tai. While they are very
different in energy usage, they are very similar in
one facet of the applications. Knife work. That is
why regardless of the form the student chooses,
this is what the student can expect to be evaluated

Please submit either in person or via video, either form
completed slowly, then at speed, both armed with either
one or two knives, and unarmed.

Demonstration of 5 applications from the forms unarmed
vs unarmed.
Demonstration of Kembaagan Dance utilizing choice of
stick or blade
Demonstration of 5 applications from the forms unarmed
(student) vs armed (training partner) - (multiple attack
Demonstration of 5 applications from the forms armed vs
armed. (Multiple attack angles)
Demonstration of 3 Kerambit Applications.